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DSL Internet; a Perfect Match for Bakersfield Residents

If you are new in town and need to set up Internet service or are just tired of connecting to the Internet through a local provider at sluggish dial-up speed, DSL Internet in Bakersfield is a fantastic option. If your Bakersfield home already has a phone line, then you're all set to get connected the Bakersfield high-speed DSL network!

A Digital Subscriber Line (or DSL) is an affordable alternative to California cable Internet service while still giving you high-speed access. When you sign up for the best DSL Service Bakersfield has to offer, you can use your existing hardware to go online.

So how does Bakersfield DSL work?

DSL uses the phone lines already connected to your Bakersfield home, transmitting data at higher frequencies. This enables you to continue to make phone calls on the same line used to carry your Internet connection. DSL is particularly useful for CA residents who are tired of choosing between making a phone call or maintaining their dial-up connection to check email or surf the Web.

Once you get connected with Bakersfield DSL, you'll be supplied with a DSL modem and a DSL router. From there, your DSL connection will be wirelessly spread to your Bakersfield home computer, tablet, and any other Internet enabled device. Best of all, you will now enjoy a connection that is always on. Imagine being able to visit your favorite home page whenever you want without having to wait for a dial-up modem to make a connection. What�s more, you can enjoy streaming data services, such as local Bakersfield news stations, Internet radio and online TV and movies.

With your high-speed DSL connection, you can do free video chats over the Internet with your friends, family members and co-workers. The picture and audio quality will be perfectly clear – somthing that dial-up can't promise. In the meantime, someone else in your Bakersfield home can continue to make and receive standard phone calls over the same line. You could start watching a streaming video and then decide to order some food delivered to your house over the phone with no interruption in service.

Although DSL is not quite as fast as the fastest cable Internet connection, subscribers often choose DSL because cable is not available, or too many of their neighbors are using cable. In fact, the more Bakersfield residents that are using cable Internet, the slower it will be. California DSL does not have this problem, because each Bakersfield resident will have their own dedicated line to the local DSL providers DSLAM.

Your DSL connection

Your DSL connection is available at many different speeds, ranging from 768kbps to 25mbps, and through a variety of plans. In fact, many people prefer to go with DSL because it is easily bundled with phone and satellite TV service, giving them a total communication and entertainment package.

Adding a DSL filter to your connection will filter the DSL signal so that it won�t feed into other devices connected to your existing phone line, such as your telephone answering machine, fax machine or your home�s alarm system.

After you�ve set up your Bakersfield home high-speed DSL service, you make your Internet connection even more convenient to use by setting up wireless routers and Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi, you can share Internet access between a desktop computer in your home office as well as a laptop that you use while sitting on the couch in your living room. You could read the morning news, check the weather and sports on your tablet computer while having breakfast at the kitchen table.

Ready to order?

For more information about the benefits of DSL service or your options for high-speed Internet access via your existing phone line, call us today. We have Internet experts standing by to get you up to speed on Internet terms, speeds, and can find you the best deal for your Bakersfield home!